Punk Freedom of Information Access ninja learns how to beat FBI obfuscation, so they shut him out


Obfuscatoringly, no less, no?

Cyber-gotcha, eh?

Very well.

I rule, you?

:wink: to my previous sentiment, cuz funny, imo…

They need a judge who will start throwing them in jail for contempt for this shit. Get a court order. Can’t get the docs in a month, the person responsible goes to jail. Another month, their boss goes to jail.


If only this could be true. I love your sentiments. After all the bastards work for you. At this point in time I’m starting to feel more and more that civil unrest, revolution is what is needed.

These dinosaurs need to be swept aside, it’s become obvious that they have no grace, no humanity, no morals and will as such never do the right thing.

We as a species were meant to be evolving or at least if you read some fairy tales, top ‘dog’. Instead we see small minded, selfish people hiding behind red tape. Employing subterfuge to get out of doing what they ought to be doing without any coercion. They endanger all of us, they hold us all back.


The FBI is afraid of someone building a “mosaic” of information? Like the one the NSA could create out of all of that communications metadata (but never would, and it would be OK even if they did because they would never use it against their own citizens)?

So data collection is good for the goose, but not for the gander. These guys really need to get together and produce a handbook of what’s allowable and what’s not. Oh, wait, we’ve already got that, it’s called the Constitution, and if they obeyed that they would pretty much be out of business.

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“Your FOIA request for information has been denied. Information you have requested, when combined with information already released by this agency to other parties, could constitute a breach of national security.”
I can’t decide if this scenario is crazy paranoia or common sense.
Or both.

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Partial list of books dealing with crimes committed by FBI agents.

Both. If you’ve got NSA sized analytical models, all information can be connected and suggestive of linkages. Let’s go all Y3K for a moment. All shreds of information can be connected to find your way to key nuggets.

But! The point is we’re trying to live in a free society. Hiding stuff doesn’t really assist.

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