FBI secretly seeking legal power to hack any computer, anywhere


In the interest or reciprocity of course, the US would be OK with foreign law-enforcement (Iran, China etc) having the legal right to hack US based computers, in investigation of crimes committed on their soil.


Good luck, I’m behind seven proxies.

It’s fine. If you’ve done nothing wrong, why would you mind a little malware?


So far, the only solution I’ve heard with regard to this type of situation is that NSA (et al.) would be able to gather all the data they already gather, but that information would be encrypted by keys held only by judges such that NSA wouldn’t be able to decrypt/read the stuff they gather and would therefore have to go through the judicial branch to make use of anything gathered.
All this tells me is that we’ve got to get people in authority who actually think the Constitution shouldn’t be trampled on a daily basis and who also have a modicum of technical knowledge with regard to computers and networks.


Better solution: better security of the IT infrastructure so neither FBI nor other bad guys can break in so easily. Then no such key repository (how would it be supervised? how to assure the spooks just won’t get a copy of that one too?) will be “needed”.


I think it is time for a “golden rule” amendment to the constitution: don’t mess with other people in ways that we don’t want to be messed with.

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Man, the future as predicted by cyberpunk is happening minus all the cool shit. Where’s my rocketlegs and chainsaw arms, huh?!


When we are allowed to install malware and trojans on FBI computers, secretly monitor their activity, and shut down their systems when they do something we don’t like, I’ll be on board with this.


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