Pupper vs Bananner


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/21/pupper-vs-bananner.html


Dude, you’re taking him for his walk tonight.


By the way, sticking your dogs pills (if your dog needs to take pills) in a slice of bananner is an excellent way to get your dog to take his pills.


erryday man


Aren’t you supposed to say “Just look at it!” I thought that was a Boing Boing rule.



Did anyone else watch this one that YouTube suggested after that one—called “pet crab eating Banana”? I found it enjoyable too :slight_smile:


12/10 Borb. He’s a good dog.


We have winner! Your prize is in the mail. :smile:


That puppy has great paw control. My bassets don’t seem to have any control over their own paws.


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