Putin reiterates no-extradite claim as FSB and FBI said to be in talks over Snowden


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Well, it’s a good thing Mr. Snowden is straight, or he’d have been in jail the minute he set foot in Russia.

So. . . a “strong determination” not to let Russia’s relationship with the US suffer over the matter, “no matter how the situation develops,” and that Russia “did not hand over, does not hand over and will not hand over anybody” . . .

Way to thread the needle there, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Oh my God.

So now The Land of the Free, Inc. is promising Russia that it won’t kill nor torture a dissident if he is returned to them.

This is what America has come to:

“Hey, we promise we won’t rip his fingernails out or murder him. Just give 'em back.”

It’s basically an admission that they tortured Manning, but won’t do it no more. One hallmark you see with authoritarian regimes is how ridiculous they act once exposed to the light of day when forced from their shadows of secrecy.

It’s a shame to see America following into those darkly comedic footsteps. I’m looking forward to hearing how Obama scored 11 holes-in-one while carding a stunning 38 under par during his next golf excursion.

Meanwhile, Russia said to fuck off.

Way to thread the needle there, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

The USA is holding a pretty shakey needle for them there…


But, yeah… Russia bad. USA good.

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