Python Humble Bundle - a bunch of ebooks for $1


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Awesome gift for a buck!


Does anyone have an opinion on these books? Are they worth the buck (or eight bucks or fifteen bucks)


calling @JemmieDuffs as she has checked a few of these out form the library…


I tried to like Doing Math With Python, but as I have both Python 2.7 and 3.4.3 on my machine, the Anaconda package for Python 3.6 recommended in the Appendix gave me headaches and no fruitful code.

Al Sweigart’s Automate the Boring Stuff with Python I enthusiastically recommend! It covers common real world tasks like web scraping or filling out online forms. This helps sustain motivation and builds a sense of accomplishment. Al has a free online course based on his book that is fun and easy to follow for python learners.


Good enough Recommendation for me. Thanks.


Okay, in skimming the books that I cared about over…

Automate the Boring Stuff makes that first level worth the buck.

The Gray Hat looks interesting. Has some good driver fuzzing info. Might be fun in my mythical free time. So $8 bundle was worth it for me.

At $15 the black hat looks mainly theoretical for me as I doubt my company would look kindly on that. The python crash course does look like it is worth the cost of admission though. So a good value.


Take a look at Al Sweigart’s books online to get a taste:

He lets you read his books freely on his website.


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