Q&A on Non-Moderation Matters (Mechanics, How-To, etc.)

I think you will find that Discourse tends to be actively developed and uses leading-edge browser features. most sites you visit on the 'net (BoingBoing included) tend to try to cater to the lowest-common-denominator and so many advanced features that would result in a more responsive, less resource-intensive are adopted extremely slowly because sites have no choice but to cater to clients that do not support them (and why waste time and money developing technologies for a site if only a subset of users can benefit?).

Discourse on the other hand has no issue deprecating browser versions as soon as their traffic drops sufficiently across the web, as part of their quest to be a low-resource, progressive-web-application.

As an example, Discourse already dropped support for IE:


Well, that’s just discrimination against minorities! :wink: /s

(Though there is a serious, wider point here. But this is not the place to kick off about that!)

I’ll await with interest to see if @codinghorror wishes to comment. I would prefer it if leading-edge co-existed with support for older stuff. Is it really so bad to consume a few extra ‘resources’ in order to do that? If Safari were a stand-alone browser I’d happily upgrade, but this approach is tantamount forcing me to upgrade a whole OS because of Apple’s insistence on making the browser inseparable from the OS (or would be if I didn’t have an alternative). That’s why I use it so rarely.

But probably there’s more El Capitan users using non-Safari browsers so that’s why Discourse sees Safari traffic with this version drop off so much.

ETA I see the edit you added - I’ll go to Discourse to see if they’ve announced anything similar re older Safari versions.

Is this a maintenance thing?


I thought it meant some major cleanup was happening.

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I usually see it in the middle of the day in Japan, which is early morning in Europe and late at night in the US, so that’s why I wondered.

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Then again, that’s a new one. I guess we have gone around in circles enough there, though.

Just an annoyance, but a troubling one. Happens occasionally while scrolling through. Which resource? What permission?

Sorry for the delay here. This should now be live!


Testing, testing…

11 foot 8


Not sure if that was intended as a test for me or if we happen to be setting up the same search terms. Anyway: 11 foot 8!


It was a test for you :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I was not fast enough on the trigger, so your message went through before I’d set up the alerts…

I’m glad you knew exactly my interest in getting this feature!

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Anyone else get a sort of flash effect sometimes when commenting on your phone, and you touch the comment box?

Not as bright as a camera flash, but disconcerting nonetheless.


Thanks @orenwolf!

Can you point to any documentation for how the search strings work? I entered some terms and got a search alert, but the text in the alerting article doesn’t seem to contain any of my search strings. I wonder if non-alphanum characters might have some special significance…

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