Q&A on Non-Moderation Matters (Mechanics, How-To, etc.)

I’ve been getting the same thing on Firefox and Windows. Malwarebytes is blocking it on Chrome.

The site that’s trying to load is video.unrulymedia.com


I haven’t seen that yet but I keep getting an ask for notification every time I like a post. Also android and Firefox but I don’t know if this is a site issue or something on my end.

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@tcg550 @akbar5656

Why don’t you take a screenshot the next time it happens and post it here? Someone might know what’s going on.

Sure but it’s just as described. Malwarebytes blocks it if I enable block ad trackers, I normally don’t have that enabled but Firefox does have tracking protection which I leave on.

Opening third-party-iframes.html


Has anyone ever seen this :email: symbol on a reply to a post on a thread before? I have never seen that…

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It means somebody posted by sending an email


Wow… what an odd way of posting. No wonder I hadn’t seen it before.


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It’s definitely a rarely used feature here. You can usually tell even without seeing the :email: icon because often the formatting is screwy.


Oh well look at this!

It looks like they’ve implemented a new feature.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen an automated message telling me that my own reply to a flagged post was deleted as collateral. (For the record, I am pretty sure I did not get flagged here.)

That’s cool!


Yes, that’s what that means.

Oren always asks us to flag and refrain from responding ourselves when there’s a post that is likely to be deleted, but we can’t always hold ourselves back. So this new notification is very helpful to understand what happened, but really we’re supposed to not put ourselves in the situation to begin with.


Yeah, seeing that green notification on my avatar always makes my heart skip a beat.

I should have held my tongue and just flagged the offending post today, and I will try to do so moving forward when it’s abundantly obvious that a post is doomed.

(It will probably still sometimes be too hilarious to resist though…)


Further explanation: They likely have their notifications set so that if someone (in this case, you) replies to them when they aren’t here on the bbs, they’ll receive an email containing that reply. Then, if they wish, they can reply to that by email and their reply gets posted to the topic along with the envelope symbol, as you saw.

IMO, the envelope symbol is useful because it warns other readers that that person hasn’t necessarily seen any of the intervening conversation that’s been going on in the topic.

(I have seen cases where User A felt ignored/belittled and took great offense when User B posted the same idea/link/gif/etc. that User A had already posted, when AFAICT User A just didn’t notice that User B had replied to someone else by email and wouldn’t have seen User A’s comment.)

Speaking for myself, when I get an email notice that someone has replied to me, and I wish to reply, I’ll come here and catch up on the thread before I reply (and then there’s no need to send my reply by email, obviously, because I’m right here).


Is there a way to turn off some notifications without turning off all notifications? When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes don’t even notice replies to my posts (which I want to look at right away) because the notice is buried in “Earned Nice Replies.”

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@orenwolf FYI Seems like there is a time leak with some of Mark’s posts today.


These past posts could be a time loop to the past. We need to send a message to the past Mark and warn him about what’s coming in 2016 and 2020!


Per @orenwolf, this was the #1 remaining feature request from the Boing Boing BBS community, so we prioritized it. Glad it’s working well for you. :hugs:

Background: I have a healthy fear of invoking loss aversion because it’s such a powerful impulse for most people, so we had avoided this (“hey look! something you posted was removed!”) until now.

Also while I’m here, new handy feature you should all be aware of

  • copy a link https://example.com to your clipboard
  • select text in a post you are composing (such as this one right now, for me)
  • paste the link
  • the selected text will automatically be converted to a markdown link using the link in your clipboard for you, like so [selected text](https://example.com)

Enjoy! This paste-to-link code was contributed by your very own @gwwar :hugs:


I can’t speak for anyone else obviously and the first time I saw it I was really confused, mostly because I don’t think the text message had been updated yet so I thought my own post had been flagged. It was never a peeve of mine to begin with but I didn’t feel particularly sad about losing my post when I saw the notice.

I guess my only thought for the severely loss averse would be if the text of their post could be inserted into the notification like the original flagged post is so they could copy and save it somewhere for posterity? Might also be a little embarrassing for people who got a bit snarky to see their words again, who knows.

Or maybe it’s already like that idk!

Thanks to gwwar for the work!


Ah I should have clarified, gwwar did the paste-to-link trick, the cascading delete notification is our own in-house work. :wink: I’ve edited my post.


Ah… well then thanks to you too :smiley:


I don’t know programming, but this sounds interesting. Maybe something similar to the code that embeds a flagged post when writing a Something Else flag?