QAnon migrates to Gab

Last year, Gab tried to set up a Mastadon instance. It was immediately blocked by just about every other instance in the Fediverse and by most Mastadon client app developers. It basically became a toxic cesspool/catchbasin that everyone avoids.


At least it makes it easier to deal with from an internet security point of view, by putting all the rotten eggs in one basket.


In my experience Hacker News swings pretty far right – check out any discussion of vaccinations or climate change.


I’m glad they got chased out of Philly - out to Clark’s Sunmit, PA.

A town of 4-5,000 people.


A hosting provider like that will lease rack space in one or more data centers, and those data centers are connected directly to a tier 2 or tier 1 ISP through a cable buried in the ground. I wouldn’t know the exact billing structure, but basically Epik will pay the data center for network access, and the data center will have an arrangement directly with AT&T, Level 3, Comcast, or whoever has the (near-)monopoly on physical cables in that area.

The data center might have, I dunno, a thousand tenants; they might be able to fire a tenant for nazism, but it’d be a big serious business decision for them.

The data center’s ISP (along with its handful of peers) could kick anyone they wanted off the internet, but that’s a box I don’t think anyone wants to open, even in cases like this.

The short version is that for a company that runs its own physical servers, in the US, the internet really is almost as censorship-resistant as the legends suggest. If you farm everything out to Amazon then it’s much less so, but it still only takes a little bit more effort to do it the old-fashioned way.

I don’t know if that was true at some point, but right now traceroute shows it to be proxied through Cloudflare.


That was pretty informative.

Seems to me folks ought to be letting cloudflare know that they’re protecting Nazi websites. They might have a problem with it these days.


Try a quick google on that; there’s substantial history that you should be aware of.


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