? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


Did it have a “Smiths” tie in?


Shouldn’t people be careful to not listen to ‘The Smiths’ late at night?


Don’t I utterly deserve that Donalding?

And wasn’t it worth it, just to put a smile on PPP’s face? (Can a hedgehog smile?)


What’s this, what’s this?


Does this Christmas movie’s description make it look worth watching?


Did you know I actually was in a home where that was playing? Would you believe there were ZERO bounty hunters?


So nobody to fight the zombies?


How many zombies were there?


Were there six of us in the house while the boob-tube droned on and on?


So no one was really watching? Isn’t a pity when people watch bad movies without MST3King them? :laughing:


Did you guys know that I thought about you all when I was coming through O’Hare on my way to Iowa City? Is this photo of a dinosaur in the airport too dark?


How did a dinosaur get inside an airport?


Bone by bone? Maybe they built the airport around it?


I didn’t read the whole thread. Has anyone asked this question, yet?


Have you read the previous thread?
Shouldn’t you check there first?


What do you think the shovel’s for?


And perhaps a bit too soon?


More importantly, did you pick up any chocolate at the Vosges shop nearby?

(Can I offer the hint that it would be an excellent gift choice for anyone in your circle with a sophisticated appreciation of chocolate?)


And can I mention that I would like to join your circle?!


Their bacon bar needs more bacon, right? But their sea salt is off the chain, and didn’t I enjoy a root beer from a certain German establishment just down by my gate?