[Question] How do you people keep up with Online Things?

I ask because I feel incredibly overwhelmed just with a handfull of webcomics, a few forums, and a couple blogs.

I’ve tried RSS in the past and maybe I’m just using it wrong.

RSS and apathy for things like webcomics and blogs. For things like forums, I can generally only maintain interest in one forum over a span of time. One of the nice things about Discourse is that it has enough AJAX built into it that I don’t have to refresh constantly. Just keep the Topics page open and wait until it tells me I have unread stuff. If I had two forums that behaved that way, I could keep up with … three. And so on.

I found out during my Twitter-obsession days that “keeping up with” media is way too easy for me to get stressed about so I largely don’t bother. If I’m interested, I’ll poke at it when I’ve a mind. Otherwise, blissful–and peaceful–ignorance.


I’m nowhere near as organized as Ignatius, so I just keep a few favorites that I know also have good lists of favorites themselves and/or tend to be very proactive in finding new data.

So for example deepseanews is a great ocean blog that has amazing content and a few great authors posting to it, but if I just want to see cool critters I’ve got RealMonstrosities, and he’s obviously really into what he does, and as a bonus he has links to Bogleech, (The biology section has some amazing articles!), Alex Wild’s Myrmecos (he makes ants cool!) and The Featured Creature (and Carly’s probably the most prolific of the bunch)

And they have links to follow that are sometimes neat, and the busy ones seem to update their own favorites more often as some blogs stop and others pick up. You end up in some pretty amazing crannies out there!

But I only had to keep the two handy. :smile:


Weirdly (or maybe not), I just come here. My browser opens with four default tabs for me: my two email pages, Boing Boing, and Slate. I get all the interesting stuff out of Slate early on (in 10 minutes or so), so sometimes (if I’m not turned off by the world at large by then) I’ll check Salon, but it’s gone south in the last year. So most of the rest of my browsing happens through BB. Honestly, if I kept up with anything else, I wouldn’t get anything productive done. I already get little enough done as it is. Facebook, Twitter, G+? Puh-leeze. I must be a much slower reader than I was as a kid, because what little browsing I currently do already takes up way too much of my day. Social media would kill me.

There are just a few sites I go to, here for my wonderful things, Gawker for snark, Jezebel for my (sometime problematic) feminism, io9 for sci-fi goodness, Tropics of Meta and 3 Quarks Daily for some good long form academic type stuff (I should start reading a few other academic blogs too…), Ta-Nehisi Coates… now and again I hit Andrew Sullivan, Buzzfeed, and Salon. And Al-Jazeera, though not as much, as I can’t watch/listen online now since they switched over to Al-Jazeera America. But, I’m pretty haphazard in my reading/watching. We have a thing that aggregates our favorite comics, so I just read them in the morning before starting my day. When I do it, depends on my day and what I’m doing. Sometimes, I save it up till the end of the day, sometimes, I take mini-breaks and read a couple of things (or watch a couple of cat videos or something).

Truth is, you can’t read everything. There are some blogs I really dig that I just don’t get to sometimes.

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