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Grape. Bring on the big guns




The soothing sounds of Atermelo. Really good background music.


If you reverse me and remove my last two letters, I’m part of the US government. If you remove my last letter and add one of my parents, I’m a drink. If you remove my first and last letters and rearrange the remainder, I’m a means of matching up MACs and IPs.


Theme song for thread

Because I will not let you be forgotten, Nik!


An old favourite from Spock vs Q. (RIP, Mr. Nimoy).

Everyone knows me.

Once, it is rumoured, a man drank his fill of me (much to his regret)
Others prefer me in small doses for small ills.

Some describe me as the sky, the land,
An age, a tongue,
Fire, bird, fish, flower…

I am captive, I am free,
Worshipped and lost
Loved and eschewed,
Pure and corrupt,
Black and white.

I am found in the deepest well and on the highest mountain.
I am animal, vegetable, mineral.

Who am I?



  1. Select the first word you recognize
  2. This describes your personality!

#Carmen Sandiego has stolen the most valuable jewels in the world!

  1. Can you help find her hiding places and minions?

#How hard is it for users to stay on-topic in a thread?





My personality is “went”.

No, that can’t be right. It’s…


I give up.


Mine was “Nay” and then “Parietal.”





Met, followed by go.


Aren’t i kicking ass, taking names, and enjoying a beautiful day? Is that what you want to hear, you magnificent Mensch!?



Ooh. Fancy… and slightly disturbing.


Also “went”. And then “tall”