Questlove's Summer of Soul documentary has been nominated for an Oscar

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I will sleep well tonight knowing Questlove got some today. Keep up the good work Brother.


It’s streaming on Disney+, free if you have a subscription. (And what Happy Mutant doesn’t?)

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Dope; good for him.


I listen to his podcast Questlove Supreme when i’m driving around town, its excellent. Its him and some colleges interviewing famous people, ranges from activists, lawyers, actors, musicians, etc and its mostly black folks but not exclusively so. I’ve really enjoyed it, and coincidentally i made it to his interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff last week and its when i learned about the Philly police bombing of a black neighborhood. Having been raised in Venezuela this was something i wasn’t familiar with and reading about it was eye opening and i’m thankful for Questlove to bringing it to my attention.

Anyways, that was quite of a digression. Just wanted to say that i respect what he does and he deserves this nomination


That’s half an EGOT already. He’s already on TV, so an Emmy’s realistic and apparently he got one of his Grammys for “Hamilton”, so he’s Tony adjacent. I’d love to see anything he’d put on stage.

Also, when did it stop being stylized ?uestlove? I didn’t even notice the transition until now.

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And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, he’s a dope DJ, too. caught him a couple times at MJQ back in the 00s.

his liner notes are always fun to read and the cover he made for this compilation record is a crack -up.

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Yep, I have that compilation and it’s ace.

There are a ton of his DJ sets on Youtube too:


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