Quite Contrary, a violence prone Little Red Riding Hood


I thought this was an article about Darkstalker’s B.B. Hood but I really should have known otherwise.

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American McGee did it (similarly) long ago…

A lot more went into that game than came out, I think.

Here comes the wood axe, swinging like “Yeah, y’all!”

Ya think? I’ve replayed it several times over the years and still find it enjoyable. I thought they got the tone just right. I had one GF who loved to watch the gameplay because the story and world were so engaging she said it was like a dark movie.

To this day every time I see one of the recent Chester the Cheetah Cheetos commercials (although the early ones are the best… more sinister) I can’t help but to hear McGee’s Cheshire Cat…
“When is a croquet mallet like a billy club??..
Anytime you want it to be.”


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