The trippy GIFs of Zolloc


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Weird, yes; cool, yes; but “graceful and immersive” … well, I don’t know.

Instead of growing up, it just spent 16 years mutating and reproducing?


Ally McBeal meets Cyriak.


Made me think of the ending of Berserk (the anime TV series/movie), or maybe Drakengard (the PS2 game).

My thought exactly. Nightmare fuel.

Such nightmare fuel that I preemptively had a nightmare while taking a nap 10 minutes prior to reading this.

The one reminded me of this Moebius


Well. Now I know what was in this box-o-horror:

“Graceful and immersive” are euphemisms for “Welcome to the Uncanniest of Valleys: Prepare your Third Eye for Gouging.”

I’m going to be saving some of these as images for my World of Darkness campaign to use as visuals for spirits.

i love C4D more and more every day!

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