Quiz: can you tell which police stops are illegal?

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No. I do not think it is. Detained without probable cause… (right?)

in the state of trumpenstein anything any cop does is legal so don’t be a loser and piss them off… really is that so hard to understand?


I got 6/7. Wrong about the “step out of the car sir” before any suspicion.


It’s worth going through the quiz. Spoiler: U.S. law is super pedantic and all these cases rely on judgement calls from varying SCOTUS lineups.

The one Mark quoted was ruled illegal. But would have been legal if it hadn’t involved a search of the vehicle. My guess rate was less than 50% and I’m familiar with a number of the underlying cases. :laughing: :sweat:


Can I have your phone number in case I’m arrested? I doubt most lawyers could score as well.


6/7 here, too. Mine was the one with the person running away. Guess I need to brush up on the definition of ‘probable cause’.

Trick question, all stops are “legal”.


Cites should provide a second prosecutor whose only role is to protect citizens from illegal actions of the police, as this is usually quite difficult and conflict of interesty.


Follow up quiz, which traffic stop is free of risk of murder for a POC who challenges whether the traffic stop is legal?

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Easy stuff! Probable cause is the cop sees you and you are a suspect for whatever happens to wander through his mind at the time. See. That ain’t hard is it?

Based on my results, I find that the scariest thing about US law is that ignorance of it is no excuse. :tired_face:

Well, it’s true after Utah vs. Streiff the distinction may as well be meaningless, we can hope for a less shitty SCOTUS in 2017. As long as we try to take back the house and senate and don’t elect Trump.

On that end, it pretty much doesn’t matter. If the cops want to stop you, they’re going to stop you. And almost entirely without consequence.

I found that quiz. You’re right. Interesting cases, there. I thought that scenario 5 (the anonymous tip) was probably the most interesting of all.


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