Quora says data breach affects 100 million users

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Ha Ha. I drop by to read the nonsense there regularly-- once upon a time it was mildly interesting, people that knew something trying their best to contribute. Wasn’t brilliant, but it was occasionally interesting.

Nowadays, well, you want to know what the average Trump voter is thinking, it really can’t be beat. In other words, its a bit of a festering sewage pond. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer set of turds as it were.


Oh, they [we] weren’t all bad. I basically knew it as the site that sent me a daily e-mail roundup of arguments about which MCU characters could beat which other comic characters in fights. All in good fun.

But I notice in the message they sent us that they’re logging us all out as a precaution, and while I’m happy to spend hours of my workday being educated on the differences between Red Hulk, Green Hulk, and Movie Hulk, I’ll be damned if I’m going to bother to reset my password. Au revoir, Quora. You were too beautiful easily hacked for this world.

a malicious third party

In other words, a typical responder?

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Here’s this, the recent Marriott breach, the Experian breach, and various other breaches over the past few years, including the UK government losing the details of millions of parents in receipt of child benefit.

Is there actually an internet user left in the world whose data hasn’t been lost by now?


You beat me to it. I was going to ask if there was anyone in the ‘western’ world whose data hadn’t been hacked by now.


Try answering questions on I/P. I felt like it was good for a while, but after they made me a “Top Writer,” I realized what a joke it was. I got that with such minimal effort.

Got a free NYT subscription, though. That was nice.


They revoked my permissions to post answers because I had not given them my “real identity” and verified it a few months back. (I’ve been using the same fake name online since the 1990s)

I feel really, really smug today.


Sorry Quora, but that’s karma as far as I’m concerned.

You ruined what used to be an awesome platform.

I used to subscribe to topics when I was doing philosophy evening classes a few years ago. The engagement and quality of contributions was amazing - serious debate, detailed answers.

Then… the company decided to pivot away from quality content to an ‘engagement’ biz model.

Now my feed is 50% trash, it’s like Facebook from around 2010 - full of ‘viral’ sh*t that you can’t get rid of.

RIP Quora


My account was oauthed through my Google account, so I’m not sure if my information was compromised, aside from my email address. I haven’t participated on the site for quite awhile, so I deleted my account this evening.


Apparently if you got away with a fake name on FB, and linked your account, they don’t care. At least they didnt with me.


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