Race relations in America have never been better

Just putting this out there to see what the response is.

FYI - Dan Hannan is a British Conservative MEP, very anti-EU, very pro the ‘Anglosphere’.

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What a wanker.



That statement is quite possibly true. Every generation since the end of the civil war has arguably been less racist than the one which preceded it. ("Congratulations, people of color! You’ve been promoted from “property” to “second class citizen!”) The part where the author goes off the rails into batshit-crazy-neoconland is when he implies that we can all sit back and high-five each other because racism is basically over now.

But, 150 years on, the aftershocks of that abominable conflict have finally shuddered to a halt. The promise of the Constitution has been met. The system works.

No no no. Not by a long shot—just look at voting patterns in the former Confederate states. The aftershocks of the civil war live on, racism lives on (both in the law and the culture), and the struggle forward will continue for years and generations to come.


Yeah, the response he offered to criticism was ‘when were they better then?’, which, whilst true, doesn’t mean they’re any good.

The real question should be ‘why aren’t they a whole lot better than they are and how do we make them so?’


Conservatives saying inane crazy-talk ceases to amaze me. What’s been bothering me is all the so-called leftists that are shifting their rhetoric and actions increasingly to the right in insidious ways.

That said, we do need to continue to call out people like Dan Hannan to spread the message that people like this are in power and should by no means continue to be in positions of power.

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Race relations are indeed better than they ever have been. Also health care for the poor, police violence, child abuse and a host of other things that are still huge problems.

Headline strictly true, conclusion not .

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