Conservative Rhetoric: "setting back racial relations"

A conservative forum I am a part of (and on which I am fairly disliked), finds some fairly shitty people mentioning how various liberal causes or behavior by Black Americans in some way compromises “Racial Relations”.

I am trying to read in between the lines, but the only things I can see are:

“Black people need to stop doing things white people don’t like” (i.e. John Lewis complaining today)
“Black people are lazy” (re: how Liberals “ruined black culture”)
“Black people need to act more like white people”

Is talking wrt “Racial Relations” a well known dogwhistle I am not aware of?

(And for reference, it is a local fishing forum, which is why I bother at all)


All I know is that according to conservatives Barack Obama is a notorious race-baiter who set back race relations 50 years by… being black, I guess? Or possibly because he didn’t classify “Black Lives Matter” as a domestic terrorism group? Anyway, point is that Trump is going to heal this divide right up.


The racial relationship that they’re trying to maintain is one of dominance and subservience.


Exactly. Subconsciously or overtly, it’s pretty obvious they want houseniggers. Not peers.


“Racial Relations” is the way ‘polite’ racists (usually older) refer to an ideal in which the various races know their place – and keep to it – so no one has to ever talk about it.


Thank you! I was looking for the voice of experience here, which I presume you have.


Oh, I’m sure there are others with as much or more experience, but I’m glad I could help!


I pretty much never hear anyone else but older bigots refer to racial strife and inequality as that specific term.


@chgoliz pretty much has their number. the one thing i would add to that is many of the older ones have managed to pass down those habits of thought to some of the younger descendants. as an 8th generation native texan of the anglo persuasion i have far too many older relatives who have really awful racial views. let me be blunt, i have way too many racists in my family and at certain family reunions i spend almost my entire time mingling for no more than 30 seconds or so with any group or individual because i don’t want to have a freaking meltdown and offend our hostess who is generally my mother who is not particularly racist but tolerates the family members because “that’s just who they are.” these gatherings do let me see that the older generation is managing about a 60% success rate at handing down their attitudes to the younger generation. it maketh me crazy.


Chris Rock has it in this interview (which is a hell of a read all the way through).

There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they’re not as crazy.


I always raise an eyebrow at people who optimistically think bigotry will die off with older generations. Even though bigots don’t have a 100% transmission rate to their offspring, there are kids of socially liberal or even just absent parents who wind up socially conservative. And young bigots on average seem to be be more passionate and violent because, well, young people in general are more volatile. Even on the supposedly liberal bastions of college campuses, young bigots are not in short supply.[quote=“Humbabella, post:11, topic:93058”]
Chris Rock has it in this interview (which is a hell of a read all the way through).
Thanks. That was a good read. I know he’s not as young and relevant as some comedians, but I’ve always thought Chris Rock is one of our smartest comedians.


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