Racism is a white people problem

@andy_hilmer linked to a similar topic not too long ago, which basically argued that whites need to not think of themselves as such. I agreed, but thought it wasn’t so easy to do so, in part due to the structures society puts around us. But I read this article and thought it was in a similar tone to what @andy_hilmer linked to… thoughts?


So far, it’s decently enough presented, but I really want to see where she goes in part 2.


Yeah, me too. I think one complaint some have about these sorts of works is that they often offer no solutions. It’s one of the reasons I like Ta-Nehisi Coates piece on reparations so much, because he gave a pretty good reason why we should, at the very least engage in that conversation.


He’s doing a lecture circuit at universities now. If you have a chance, check it out. He’s as good in person as his writing.

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OMG… I hope he comes to GSU. I’d love to see him speak. I’m a huge fan of his stuff.


from his recent tour


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