Racist high-school students expelled



Not to make light of this at all, but did anyone else notice that according to their “recipe,” number 45 is an ————?
Has no father? Check
Eats fried chicken? Check
Robs people? Check, check, check


First: GOOD!

Second: Does Carrollton High School actually have "an environment where [racism] thrives? I guess that depends on how one defines “thrive”. That said, racism exists everywhere.


The more I think about this the more it bothers me. For one, expelling them is punitive and not rehabilitative. They aren’t likely to learn much from being expelled (literally and figuratively) and it will probably instead further their racism. Expulsion is a lazy response that says “not my problem” and kicks the can down the road.

Second, I’m not sure the school even has jurisdiction here. A student can’t be expelled for robbing a convenience store on the weekend and I don’t see how this is different. Unless their outside behavior had a proven detrimental effect on the school environment there’s not much cause to expel them.

I’m not saying that their racism shouldn’t have consequences, just that expulsion isn’t appropriate or likely legal. This is a school who said “fuck it” when they realized they couldn’t withhold prom or walking at graduation as a punishment. Everything about this sucks.


Exactly. And also, if the school did not respond, all the other latent racists could see it as tacit permission to be explicitly racist. That is not going to end well.

No, thank you. I wasn’t refuting the story to begin with. You were. And used that link as your reference.


Quoted for truth.


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That case referenced illegal drug use.

Being racist is not illegal


If individuals are creating a dangerous environment, which promoting racism via hate speech most certainly is, schools have the right to protect the community and remove the people promoting such.

This isn’t a court of law, it’s a message board, ergo,


I can see where you’re going with this, but we don’t fund our schools nearly well enough. Given how little we value education and educators, as indicated by how we treat them and how we constantly under fund public education (especially in places like Carrollton, which is pretty rural (West of ATL by like 50 miles?), I’m not sure what they’re meant to do with regards to educating them about racism. Doubly so, since in such areas much of the white population will oppose such education.

I would say that there is very much so, to students of color and those that support them.



And notice how the “child” on the left side of the image is over six feet tall and has a beard.


The expulsion isn’t for them. It’s to protect other students from them.



This is not an ‘esoteric thought experiment’ for Black people and anyone else who isn’t White; it’s everyday reality.

Racism isn’t “illegal” in the USA… because it’s baked into the very foundation of our society; then covertly taught, enabled and reinforced via passive acceptance and/or outright denial.


Shame that got eaten the first time around.


Your friend was confusing the results of racism with the theory of race. The theory of race has been proven to be baseless, but people still believe it - and believing that it’s valid to split humans up by “race” is racism. Race, as a way to define people, is a made-up set of assumptions that have no basis in biology or any other factual realm.

Even people who say “Oh, I know that race isn’t biological, but ‘black’ and ‘white’ are a handy shorthand for cultural groups” are not being honest with themselves. If you ask them if the people in Bulgaria are white, they’ll say yes. If you ask them if the people in Nigeria are black, they’ll say yes. But people in those two places have nothing in common, culturally, with the groups in the U.S. who are called black and white. They just look like they’re the same “race”.

Racism is making assumptions or decisions about other people based mostly or entirely on what race you think they are. And there are people in all assigned racial categories who do that.

When you start talking about power dynamics, you start getting into the results of believing in races - the outcomes of racism. The theory of racial differences is behind those things, but it is just the excuse for those power dynamics. If racism didn’t exist, the people in power would come up with some other excuse to maintain a power advantage over some group of people - those power dynamics are much older in human history than modern racism, which was only developed in the last few hundred years.

If you read much history, you’ll see the same kinds of power dynamics that assume superiority and inferiority being played out with all kinds of different justifications - Normans vs Saxons, nobility vs serfs, Christians vs Jews, Non-Dalits vs Dalits, Muslims vs non-Muslims, Mongols vs everyone else, etc. etc. etc. back into pre-history. Ask a non-Dalit who believes in the Hindu caste system about Dalits, and you will hear the same kind of racist crap that white supremacists say about black people in the U.S. - the power dynamics are very similar, and they’re both based on racist excuses, but the racist structures behind them evolved independently, and have very different made-up justifications.

We all notice what people look like. But seeing dark skin or light skin is different from assuming someone else’s race. Since people fit into all kinds of categories - tall or short, teachers, lawyers, house cleaners, students, old, young, friendly, distant, penny-pinching, generous, kind, mean, thoughtful, impetuous, considerate, selfish - skin color is a minor thing, unless you are thinking in racial stereotypes. The other categories are much more important than skin color in evaluating the content of someone’s character. And encouraging people to look at the many qualities other people have, instead of just their skin color and what that is supposed to mean in racial terms, is one way to take the power out of the power dynamics that are supported by racism.


Our comments possibly being collateral damage is a risk we take whenever confronting trolls and obvious actors of bad faith.

Worth It


No threats were alleged in this instance.

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How exactly do mere words not directed against any individual violate anyone’s rights?

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