Rainbow Jell-O being smashed through a tennis racket, captured in slo-mo


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/11/14/rainbow-jell-o-being-smashed-t.html


The next step:


“Jell-O” is a brand name - unless you are sure the product is from Kraft Foods, you should use the generic “gelatin” in the headline


I’m all for them having to fight the trademark erosion. Gives their marketing and lawyers something to do.


That was ‘Djeleau’. Imported from France.



Needs grapes. Or maybe banana slices.

Evil hand-wringing


I see you’ve been drinking the Trademark Lawyers’ Kool-Aid.


Nah… Evil would be salmon or tuna.



I want my Jell-O 1-2-3.


I’m busy so I only watched about 10 seconds in the middle. During which one of them says “it looks like a unicorn sneezed”. That sums it up so perfectly that I’m completely satisfied, the remaining 8+ minutes are unnecessary.


I would so love to see a video titled “Nazi prick-face smashed, captured in slo-mo”.


Okay, I’ll downgrade to “annoying”.


If someone told me they faked this using computer fluid modelling software, I would totally believe it.

(But of course they didn’t do that. There’s some semblance of purity and goodness left in the world, right? Right.)


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