Rallies planned at Apple stores to protest the FBI's crusade to hack your iPhone

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Force of habit will see the protest take the form of a long line leading to the apple store’s front door


So, apple has applestore proximity stuff (opt-in) on the phones.

Someone should offer protestors 25% off coupons to come in and chill out. Some share of them will be iPhone users.

Not really on a side in this fight, other than the right to privacy.

I’ll bring along to the protest the five or so Apple products that need servicing around the house.

they need that backdoor if they ever hope to catch the suspect making a new attack. also a really good voodoo doctor.

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US Courts have backed an unconstrained agency push to force a company to weaken security.

People protest in front of that company.

Got it.


First they unlocked the terrorists’ iPhones, and I did not protest because I was not a terrorist.
Then they started unlocking everybody’s iPhones in the hunt for new terrorists, and I did not protest because I was not a terrorist.
Then they unlocked my iPhone and branded me a terrorist for wanting to maintain my privacy, and there was nobody left to protest for me.


are you still using facebook? everyone is on kik now. what’s a protest?


what’s a protest?

Swiping left on the NSA

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I cannot help but think such protests would be more effective if they were done in front of federal government buildings, instead.

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Agreed. A massive protest in front of the FBI headquarters might leave a bit more of an impression on the agency than a pile of people dispersed across the country standing in front of Apple stores. Frankly, it won’t look like anything different than any other day ending in y unless they bring signs.


A small boost in Apple’s sales will probably be had.

Also a large portion of the public that sees the rallies in progress will believe Apple has done something to upset a large portion of the public, or that there is a sale on.

There will be an incremental increase in people who feel they have done something more to further a cause than their usual “Like” on FB, but they’ll be mistaken.

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Quick look at this gif of dog being a dog!

A decade from now, they are going to present Tim Cook’s “Customer Letter” as the greatest branding action in the world.

Haven’t you heard? Protesting in front of a Federal building is considered a terrorist act.

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[quote=“AcerPlatanoides, post:8, topic:73873, full:true”]what’s a protest?

That thing you do just before they ignore you.

I always figured it was the creation of a them, by me, that preceded that.

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