Randall "XKCD" Munroe is doing a What If? book!


Welp, that’s one stocking stuffer taken care of this year.


Has he addressed “What if mankind went to war against goats?”


I’m just bummed he’s never put up an answer to the “what if” I submitted.

I guess it means I’m not good enough at generating implausible scenarios.

Fantastic news!

How to say this without sounding childish and demanding…?
Where’s my UK pre-order link?!
Nope didn’t manage it.

I kind of wondered that as well, since Randall has the UK pre-order link on his blog. Anyway, since Cory can’t be bothered:

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/What-If-Randall-Munroe/dp/1848549571/
FR: http://www.amazon.fr/What-If-Scientific-Hypothetical-Questions/dp/1848549571/
DE: http://www.randomhouse.de/Paperback/What-if-Was-waere-wenn/Randall-Munroe/e447755.rhd

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Murray you are my hero… I did search on Amazon but failed to find the page

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Not having done any further research the cover appears to me to be depicting a Tyrannosaurus rex about to learn a new definition of pain and suffering as it’s lowered into the Sarlacc pit in the single greatest Spielberg-Lucas collaboration since Indiana Jones.

Even if I’m completely wrong about that I still want to read it.

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You never know – maybe it’s in the book!

Anybody else reflexively tried to check the xkcd mouseover text?


That promises to be the best thing of its kind since Jearl Walker’s Flying Circus of Physics.


Hrmm, sadly, no Canadian pre-order link. Well, the Kindle edition, but no hardcover :frowning:

Or too good.

[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:25467”]
What If? is one of my Internet must-reads, and I look forward to each new installment, and always read it with delight.[/quote]

Ditto :smiley:

Buys book
Holds fingertip over first image

Stupid analog technology…doesn’t even support the alt attribute.


<pedantry class=“sorry”>It’s actually the title attribute. Only IE<7 (erroneously) shows the alt attribute as a tooltip.</pedantry>

Dammit. I even bothered to look it up first and thought I got it right…I knew it was one or the other buy couldn’t verify it with my mobile browser.

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