Randee of the Redwoods and 'Pete and Pete' to host MELTASIA, this summer in NY

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He travels with more “Randees” just incase someone tries to assassinate him. What’s not to love America, I ask you…


now THERE’S a wayback machine name. what has he been doing since the late 1980s, anyway?

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would it matter,? i mean, either way it’s fine with me.


This isn’t even a very good sampling, but Jim is always working. He’s really fucking hilarious. These guys are brilliant to have him host their festival.

Tomorrow night his troupe 2 Headed Dog is giving their goodbye to the Steve Allen theater performance in LA.


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Don’t know him. But he plays a mean guitar.

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How many of the people on that list are dead? It went by so quickly.
If I could see Roky, I could die happy, I think. Or maybe contented?
Or, less… well, I don’t know…bereft, maybe?

i just hadn’t seen nor heard of his doings since he was an MTV staple. it’s all good, it’s kind of weird to me to hear about him suddenly after all this time, that’s all.

it was all just a set up to use the name of one of his songs. It looks like he’s been into hanging out. It’s really really random for him to resurface, looking like his same old self.

If you are in LA he is doing a show tonight at the Steve Allen Theater.

that’s wonderful! but I am a great distance from Los Angeles, never even been, though I’m aware I am drawn to the Largo.

I saw 2Headed Dog at the Largo a few weeks back. They play there as well, in the snug/lounge room.

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