MTv's former Presidential candidate Randee of the Redwoods encourages voter registration


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I had totally forgotten about that guy!


Jim Turner is an amazing guy. He’s currently spending his non-acting time helping Katie Hill turn another CA congressional district blue.




i’m so old i keep confusing Randee of the Redwoods with Randy Rainbow for some reason. sigh.


Two Es like the river.


Personally I’m more looking forward to Max Headroom’s "get out the vote"commercial


Well, he said he was going to get a job. I wonder how clean his oven is.


But doesn’t MTV postdate the swan song of the last hippie by 5-10 years? Was he ironic all along? And does that make him ahead of his time?


What’s wrong with the stereo separation in that video?


I would have voted for Randee if Yahoo Serious had been his running mate.


Jesse Camp for Veep!


That’s very cool to hear!


It would have been people who were old enough to have been hippies who started MTV (or been around during that era). Plus, there are still hippies today.


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