Random Startup Announcement Generator



The original Silicon Alley Pink Slip Party Invitation Generator


Built a little web tool for making and hosting this kind of randomized generators. Check it out at http://lolxml.herokuapp.com.

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Tonder is frabjous to announce it is existentially no more significant than procedurally-generated nonsense, the result of its continued awesomeness in intelligent solutions.

“Our customers, if we had any, would tell us our growing attention on results and answers is successful,” said Augustine Becker, Chief of Manufacturing Integration. "With dequestionized statements and variable truths, we continue introducing innovative products that makes life easier for our consumers. "

You rock. I’ve been trying to find a Random Artist Statement Generator that would create rambly, cryptic elaborations with words like ‘human condition’, ‘modern aesthetics’, ‘juxtaposed’ and ‘deconstructed’ peppered through.

I’ll just make my own!

Ah, the good old days. Remember, Rob, when you were worked in QA?

Neither do I.

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