Random University Administration Job Title Generator


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Sent straight to my wife. At her .ac.uk email account, natch.


My title at work is “Pathogens & Bacteria Wrangler”, ho hum…


As a university administrator, I can tell you that some of those salaries are way way too low.

Starting salaries round these part for a receptionist are in the $40-$50k range.


My best salary so far is as “Associate Chancellor of the Committee on Donor Partnerships”, pulling just over $600k. I suspect that my inferior shmoozing would cut that gig short.

Selection bias, or do all the titles that mention ‘athletics’ seem to pay better than the ones involving academics?

Oh, “Associate Chancellor of the Subcommittee for Strategic Athletic Technology”, $650k! ‘Strategic Athletic Technology’ is a polite euphemism for doping, right?


Yes, it appears that “Athletic” titles (as well as “Donor” or “Investor”) get the highest multiplier.


Thanks for the link. Nothing like the existence of source code to make a dedicated exercise in empiricism seem a trifle foolish, eh?


Let’s combine with:

Task Force on Donor Communications Tsar. Aye.


Looks legit. I’m not going for the greenbacks, but the satisfaction.


As another (junior) university administrator… which parts are you around?! 'Cause if the receptionists are making $40-50k… well… I could be making more (not that I’m unhappy!) than I am here at Prestigious Midwestern University.


I am in Toronto, and we are all about the unions! :wink:


Ooh! And Canada! Lucky you.


I think all titles involving eating, donating, and athletics are higher paid than academics, which makes this generator uncannily accurate.


Junior faculty here. If the receptionists are making that much. I’m happy for them, kind of grumpy for me.


This is the best internet all day!


“Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Task Force on Learning Communications”

If we don’t actually have someone here with that title, I’ll eat my hat.


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