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I know another website that takes you to other, useful websites - not at random, but you actually get to choose.


Few of the websites I was sent to were particularly useful.

http://zerodollarmovies.com/ - lame
http://www.twofoods.com/ - sorta-interesting
http://scr.im/ - useful if you are famous or don’t have spam-trap email accounts
http://onlineclock.net/ - lame
http://bugmenot.com/ - less of an issue than it was back in the day
http://www.rainymood.com/ - ok, I like this one, but I wouldn’t call it “useful”


It took me to Grooveshark. Which all it has on it is an April 30, 2015 “we’re shutting down” notice. Not terribly useful.


Two Foods was the first one it took me to, as well. Would be useful, if it, y’know, included nutritional information other than just the basic, boring Calories/carbs/fat/protein. There are other things in foods!


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