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I know another website that takes you to other, useful websites - not at random, but you actually get to choose.

Few of the websites I was sent to were particularly useful.

http://zerodollarmovies.com/ - lame
http://www.twofoods.com/ - sorta-interesting
http://scr.im/ - useful if you are famous or don’t have spam-trap email accounts
http://onlineclock.net/ - lame
http://bugmenot.com/ - less of an issue than it was back in the day
http://www.rainymood.com/ - ok, I like this one, but I wouldn’t call it “useful”


It took me to Grooveshark. Which all it has on it is an April 30, 2015 “we’re shutting down” notice. Not terribly useful.

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Two Foods was the first one it took me to, as well. Would be useful, if it, y’know, included nutritional information other than just the basic, boring Calories/carbs/fat/protein. There are other things in foods!

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