Kottke's list of the web’s best hidden gems


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/21/kottkes-list-of-the-webs.html


Looks cool. There goes my productive afternoon ;-;


If “Pink Trombone” is not already the title of a porn film, I want to know why not.


that “paper planes” one is so simple, free, and fun. love it.


I believe the list was put together by Tim Carmody, Jason’s sometime collaborator and regular fill in. Tim is fun.


My favourite will always be Zombo.com - because you can do anything there.


We don’t need him. We have you.


updated to html5 so you can now enjoy it flash free…


I trolled my son so hard with that site! :grin:


All I get is a pretty colored spinner, am I doing it wrong?


Nope that is it… dots music and ‘the only limit is you!’ It is pure awesome!


Because I have exclusive rights to that very fitting (and very personal) moniker.

So there.


I thought this was Boing Boing’s job. :worried:


It’s very meta.  



Do you have your sound on?


And the gritty remake: Rusty Trombone.


Okay that wins the internet today. We can close the thread now.


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