And one ear worm to rule them all

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Proper archived version here
Chrome will autoplay but not loop the music. For full annoyance, load in IE and allow it to run Windows Media Player plugin.

PS Thank you :slight_smile:


History records only that the original HamsterDance was “a sped-up sample from the song ‘Whistle Stop’”, but few seem to note that said sample was first used in a different techno piece. I distinctly recall listening to someone’s .MOD rendition in 1998, when I contemplated using it in a theatrical production.

I do recall finding the name of the album which may have included the original techno piece, but I don’t think I found the actual track. It might have been from the “Best of Bass” series.

…on your boss’s computer!

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I prefer the original version:


Two questions:

  1. What the hell?!?
  2. WHY the hell?!?

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When it’s time to change it’s time to re-arrange.


That’s Hampster Dance to you.


Eh, they’ve come and gone over the years. I just want to know why is still a thing.

I know it’s been up at least 15 years and has hardly changed at bit… was perfect the moment it came online and there was no need to change it.

Did you know you can do anything there?

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