And one ear worm to rule them all


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Proper archived version here
Chrome will autoplay but not loop the music. For full annoyance, load in IE and allow it to run Windows Media Player plugin.

PS Thank you :slight_smile:


History records only that the original HamsterDance was “a sped-up sample from the song ‘Whistle Stop’”, but few seem to note that said sample was first used in a different techno piece. I distinctly recall listening to someone’s .MOD rendition in 1998, when I contemplated using it in a theatrical production.

I do recall finding the name of the album which may have included the original techno piece, but I don’t think I found the actual track. It might have been from the “Best of Bass” series.


…on your boss’s computer!


I prefer the original version:


Two questions:

  1. What the hell?!?
  2. WHY the hell?!?


When it’s time to change it’s time to re-arrange.


That’s Hampster Dance to you.


Eh, they’ve come and gone over the years. I just want to know why is still a thing.

I know it’s been up at least 15 years and has hardly changed at bit…

#11 was perfect the moment it came online and there was no need to change it.

Did you know you can do anything there?

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