'Also Sprach Zarathustra' Eumir Deodato




Yes! With you baby.


Ooooh this is good!
Can’t wait to get home and turn this up full blast.:smiley:


Zarathustra, he thus spake it, man… Dig it.


mm mm I have got this on REPEAT!

Reminds me of an Italian dance video on BB a couple years back … or more … a hugely funky big group dance thing in BW - anyone recall it??


Sounds like it belongs on this.

On an unrelated note, after the first movement, I really felt like Also Sprach Zarathustra really fell apart. I’ll have to give it another listen (my copy, by the SF Symphony, isn’t quite as punchy as the recording used in 2001 even then).


Love this. swear I caught a 40 year-old contact buzz…
Was re-exploring Zappa anyway, must add Deodato now.

And Best Youtube Comment goes to…Greg Battles!



I think the first time I heard this was in Peter Seller’s “Being There.” Awesome song, awesome movie.


I think I actually like it better now than i did when it was new. At the time it struck me as being a bit too obviously an attempt to tie into the 2001 vibe (I think he did the Star Trek theme too and a few other things with built-in marketing potential). Now, it’s a bit of a period piece, but I can hear and appreciate where the band was going with it.


That music + Ken Nordine + Retrofuturistic Post-Brutalist architecture + Detroit =


Great song. Phish has played it many times over the years too. Maybe 194 times? http://phish.net/song/also-sprach-zarathustra/chart


This is one my FAVORITE things ever. Nothing grooves harder. Thanks for reminding me it exists!


You thinking of this?


Yes! Amazing! They just don’t make 'em like they used to!


Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful, this is such an abomination, people who think they can “improve” orchestral music with electric guitars should be put up against the wall and shot. It actually worked in Being There, but that’s because of Jerzy Kozinski and not Eumir miserable Deodato, may his name be erased from Wikipedia and therefore history forever.

Cf: A Fifth of Beethoven.


Ay ay ay ay some people, they will never learn.


Yes, exactly! Unfortunately, my tastes weren’t quite advanced enough to appreciate this kind of jazz back then. Actually, been revisiting all kinds of early 70’s stuff - Joplin, CCR, The Band, Baez, Clapton - just amazing how good the music truly was. Several good documentaries from that period up on Netflix now…

And then…disco happened. WAH, Wah, wahh. Hadda crawl back into my Renaissance shell for a while, there.


Disco was dance music. Nothing but. For those of us who weren’t dancers, it really didn’t have much to offer.


Hey that’s the Moon music on Glitch! Whoohooo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmT_WW14ul0


Nevermind dancing - for those of us with ears, period!