Randy Rainbow sings Alternative Facts

There is a handful that are popular but not my style: Jeff Dunham, Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy. I think Dennis Miller is hilarious though. He had a podcast that I really enjoyed.

ETA: On a side note, it looks like KellyAnne Conway needs a good night’s sleep. I’m guessing she gets text messages and phone calls from The Great Trumpkin all night long, every night.

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour (Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, Ron White) plus Jeff Dunham are the usual suspects. Foxworthy and Engvall are good clean comedians for the most part, and I like clean comedy. Ron White has the same style but is definitely not clean. Jeff Dunham has talent, but somehow I don’t really like him. I have no idea what to think of Larry the Cable Guy. It’s all schtick, he’s not actually Republican, southern, or working class, but people take the schtick seriously :confused:

Also, any comedian whose schtick is being a working-class white guy from New York, Boston, Chicago, or LA and who is a self-proclaimed dirty or offensive comedian. For example, Bill Burr, Adam Carolla, Doug Stanhope, etc. These guys and their fans definitely are Republican/Libertarian leaning.

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More from Patrick Farley:


Too much sun?

(as someone who must see the dermatologist regularly, like weekly . . . )

Maybe that, too.

But I guess it’s only fitting that her physical appearance should match the apparent decrepitude inside her soul… or the lack thereof.

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Alt-arbeit alt-macht alt-frei.

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It’s hard to believe in this day and age that anyone on the planet would do that. What a horror show.

I thought Randy Rainbow was the leader of this group:

(I saw them in 1979, right before I went into 4th grade. They had re-branded themselves as “Madison Street” and released a disco single.)

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