Randy Rainbow sings Alternative Facts


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/24/randy-rainbow-sings-alternativ.html



I once read that @BarackObama actually READ Boing Boing.

I hope this is true.

I hope he is sharing this with his friends in Congress.

I hope they watch it.

I hope they hum the tune when Conway is nearby.

I hope one of them has the courage to tell Trump that he is not fit to be president during the state of the union address.


Love Randy Rainbow. This was good, especially given the short turn around time, but not my favorite. He’s so damn talented. Wonderful singer, and funny.

I think we need to stick to calling alternative facts “lies.” Might seem like a small thing given that RR is making the point that “alternative facts are not facts,” but even so, I think we need hammer on on the point that they are lies.


Wow. She’s really not funny, so she laughs at her own jokes. Has there ever been a good Republican comedian? Maybe Dennis whatsisname, the football guy?


Wow. I didn’t know when I clicked, that it was going to last over 11 minutes. Gave up after two after I concluded that this wasn’t actual comedy but was simply insulting people unknown to me.


Yeah, the repetition and exclusive use of the word “facts” in describing the lies kind of undermined the reality that these are just lies. Which is unfortunate for what is otherwise such a well done, catchy song/video.


I normally don’t approve of hecklers… but I’d make an exception here.


Dennis Miller, aka the “eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation” guy. He’s funny for certain values of funny. IMO he was never funny and Republican at the same time.



Not to solely focus on something as trivial as looks, but yikes; that lady has either has some seriously bad ‘nip/tuck’, or she’s fought a long, hard battle with alcohol/drugs, just judging by how badly she’s aged.


Ah, you’ve nailed what I was trying to think of. We tend to not remember negation, Randy’s song leaves me with a memory of “facts” “facts” “facts” rather than “alternative” means “lie”.




Im guessing both.


And miss out on the new alternative way of speaking? No way! Actually, I expect it to catch on, even become mandatory. Or I should say alt-optional. Continuing to use alt-altspeak within the Trump Corporate will result in alt-freedom and reduction to alt-citizen status. And when altspeak has fully grabbed pussy, you will see that it is the world that is alternative to Truth. That is the greatest self-realization of all. So great.


YOU should be up there talking to the press!



This would be a good place for that “why not both” image.

There are enough sources calling them out as lies that it makes sense to me to also ridicule this administration for the crazy terminology. And like most bullies, I bet it pisses off the Trumpster even more to be made fun of than to be called a liar. Four years of this isn’t going to be fun, but we can get through it if we don’t go easy on them.


I haven’t felt this sick since election night.


I haven’t watched the video, but I imagine it goes something like this:

"Poor people, amirite? Whaaaat is the deeeeeal? "


Totally agree. He’s so smart and funny (and this wasn’t his best).


"You can laugh at me all you want. . . "

OK. Done.