Ranking authors by their adverb use


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I had to look that up, and I find that it’s one of those words that also means the opposite: repeating a word for rhetorical effect; and avoiding the repetition of a word in normal prose. Oy vey, what a language!


Yeah, I was wondering whether Cory referred to grammatical or rhetorical anaphora…


Speaking of Hemingway, I once ran across this kind of automated grading system for writing that used his work as a reference: I found it helped reduce bloat, but then a horrible idea occurred to me; I inputted the text from a chat log using much, much too much netspeak, and it gave it a perfect Hemingway* seal of approval.

*as the system saw it, based off of Hemingway’s works.


As the great Stephen King says in his book On Writing:



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That’s why i often resort to posting pictures instead if BB decides my post is too short


Post must contain at least 9 adverbs


I always, always, always avoid repeating words in my own prose.
Is that always like that with the rest of your own prose?


Fuck no. He said plainly.

I’m sorry Stephen King. I tried. Poorly.


Fuckly noly, hely saidly plainly, withly noly embellishingly embellishmently.


Steinbeck repeated verbs often(ly)

I think it’s beautiful when done right well.


Clean up on aisle 4


H. Rider Haggard - beating that Tolkien chappie once again!


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“Mauve” is not an adverb. “Mauvely” now…


Lotsa new lines seems to work…


Is there a way to feed text into something that can list all the different words out in a database, so you could write some query’s to figure this out? I’d love to know what my work looks like. Might show some unexamined bias I wasn’t aware of.


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