Ranking the most influential computer security papers ever published

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/06/13/backrub.html

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Although “influential” here is used to mean “most cited” (or is “most cited” being used as a stand-in for influence?), I would think there would be an effect where researchers would repeatedly write about advice that is not being widely/adequately/properly adopted (i.e. is not influencing industry) and cite earlier papers of that advice because the paper being cited is less influential in the broader sense (but ends up being tallied as more influential in the sense of this study).


Well, at the very least it has influenced the greatest number of writers to write about it to one degree or another. And that is a valid measure of ‘influence’.

I went in to see how influential “on trusting trust” was…and then realized it wasn’t in the last four decades :frowning:

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