Ransomware creep accidentally hijacks San Francisco Muni, won't give it back


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/11/27/ransomware-creep-accidentally.html

Negative review of a $1,500 Silicon Valley toaster oven

“You Hacked”

Oh brother…


So, going by the theory that kidnappers are often known to the victims, I suspect BART.


Plot twist-

Their inability to charge fares inadvertently causes more people to ride the railway, and the resulting small drop in pollution and congestion leaves this as a net positive for the city as a whole.

Thanks, Hackers.


Free rides until the hack is fixed you say? Take your time, MUNI, take your time. :wink:


That is one way for Terry Childs to cover the $1.5M restitution ordered by the courts with the split proceeds from this ramsomware.

Note: I am not implying Terry had a role in this.
It is richly ironic that he had the best capability of preventing such an attack during the design phase, and may have been stymied in these efforts.
There may be another interested/motivated player orchestrating these events.


I fear this is just the beginning.


Of course it is. Why would it not be? Once you have paid him the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.


Well, perhaps we can set us up the bomb, for great justice.


All your trains are belong to…

Nevermind, I’ll show myself out.


Is this fake news? I don’t see on Washington Post or NY Times.


SFGate and local CBS affiliate reporting on it.


why do we get everything cyberpunk novels predicted but the cool fashion and advanced prosthetics?


At least it wasn’t “your hacked”.


I remember when Windows 2000 was the secure version of Windoze.


Muni, not THE Muni!

I got a free ride home as a result of this, tho.


Don’t worry, most every other thing that we all depend on is running Win XP, and open to this sort of mischief.


cryptom27: You’ve got rail!


I want all the people who built Bitcoin and promoted it to write “I will not call up that which I cannot put down.” on a blackboard 1024 times.


Well yeah, but in the brave new world in which Naked Capitalism is a Russian propaganda outlet, apparently (who knew those Russkies were into long scholarly articles on MMT and austerity!) anything is possible.