The hacker who took over San Francisco's Muni got hacked


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It’s hackers all the way down.


this breach made possible by the brilliant SFMTA employee who was tormenting at work and the equally brilliant network security geniuses who decided it would be a good idea to allow torrent files to pass through firewall.


What’s wrong with torrent files?


Who were they tormenting?

Did you mean “torrenting” instead? Cause then the sentence makes sense (and it probably due to auto-correct).



I must have mentally autocorrected that one. :expressionless:


They were tormenting through their torrenting.


Could totally mean what the poster meant… other wise, it’s missing an object of torment in the sentence…


Bastards probably weren’t seeding leaving everyone at 98%. That’s plenty tormentful


Via slashdot?! What am I? Chopped liver?


I am sure one of the recovery answers was Basketball.

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