FBI: Yes, we controlled Tor servers behind mass malware attack


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Marques sounds like a super-degenerate and deserves all he gets. Forget all the bullshit about TOR protecting journalists and rebels etc. It primarily protects the scum of society so needs to die. I’m tired of all these bullshit arguments FOR systems/services that are so obviously aimed at illegal endeavors. ‘The MegaUpload raid harmed real businesses’. Any business using MegaUpload for file storage deserved everything it got. MegaUpload was a copyright-theft machine and didn’t hide it. Why would anyone host sensitive documents with them?

As for the uncovered assault on encryption: Government agencies want to be able to access encrypted systems? No shit! The Edward Snowden reveals are entertaining but is anyone surprised one bit? Is the NSA supposed to just sit back and let Microsoft’s BitLocker potentially lock them out of 50%+ of computers? No.

Good troll. Not.


Since when did the government use TOR?


Why do you hate freedom? It sounds like the terrorists have already won.

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Thank you for coming out and saying what many Americans are thinking. And I’d like to know the names, addresses and content of the computers of these Americas. Because I’m pretty sure they have something to hide.
Let’s start with you. I sure hope you are squeaky clean because right now you are being tracked. And even if you aren’t doing anything illegal NOW, what about in the future? Or what if we make a mistake. Remember Brazil? Tuttle or Buttle.

Seriously, I AM glad you said that because this is one of the arguments used both to crush privacy and to protect it.
I often think of the people at the ACLU rushing to defend the Neo-Nazi’s marching In Skokie or them defending pornographer Larry Flint. Many people knew that the Neo-Nazis are scum and they LOVED forcing the ACLU into defending them. Same with Larry Flint. But they felt the need to protect the extremes so that the non-extremes can exist.

There is no doubt that criminal enterprises use tools like Tor. And they also use coded jpgs posted in anonymous forums.There are plenty of ways to cover up identity if you are smart. What to pass a unbreakable message. Encode it on a one time pad and fax, email, snail mail or fed ex the info. You can’t get the SIGINT if never is a SIGNAL.

What is the acceptable ratio of criminal actions to actions people who simply don’t like to be snooped on? Can you give me a number? Or create for me a privacy system used only by people doing non-criminal actions? What if your definition of criminal and mine differ? Last year marijuana selling was illegal, this year it isn’t in some states.

And BTW, I don’t think you work for the government, the NSA or some other group. I’m guessing you are someone who creates content (IP) that has been ripped off. you work in a for of Law Enforcement.
You are probably also a white man. I’m not sure of your location but I’m guessing blue state with a red state upbringing.

Or you are a sock puppet created by the good People at HB Gary. We may never know. And that’s fine with me.


Freedom Hosting also hosted Tormail, an anonymous email service which was used by dissidents, journalists and whistleblowers.
I can assure you 100% that the NSA had nothing to do with taking down Freedom Hosting. The NSA never wanted to access the database of Tormail.

Amazing, Holmes! How could you deduce such a thing?

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