Rare footage of the 1914 Martian conflict


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Superb video! If you normally look at the comments before taking a chance on a video, this one is well worth your while!


Agreed, nice find. Probably could’ve done with less whacky soundtrack. Almost makes me wish someone would greenlight a full-length black & white feature… not just a flick where they toggle on the B&W filter on their Black Magic rig.

FACT: In 1918 the Martian Flu pandemic actually claimed far more lives than death rays.


Halloween. 1938.
Grover’s Mill, New Jersey…

Then it all just turned out to be a hoax.

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Hoax?..laugh while you can, monkey-boy!


How is it acceptable to reduce history to a sci-fi backdrop? And from the “History” channel. How about Auschwitz for a sitcom.


On which side?

Too soon?


Good question.

Answer: pretty acceptable.


Is it true that they paused to socialize and even play soccer (football) with the Martians on Xmas?


Well, you are talking about the channel sometimes known as The Hitler Channel.

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Was OK for a couple of seconds - until the ‘background’ ableton looping started up.

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Man those tripods have the safety standards of AT-ATs - one shot and they explode. Where is Ralph Nader when we need him?

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It’s worth mentioning that filmmaker Timothy Hines has a fascinating history with adapting The War of the Worlds into a feature. It took him fifteen years to get it right, which he did with War of the Worlds: The True Story in 2012 in a very similar way to how the History Channel handled it here.

I reviewed it last year after screening it at a small local convention:

Ask Harry Turtledove.

the two big problems are the stupid soundtrack and the use of deathrays by us. ruins the fun.

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