See the dancing and drinking inside a real speakeasy in this 1920s film clip (video)

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I heard that based on the Spanish Influenza era, our ‘roaring’ period should start around 2024. So I’m still holding out hope. Going long on fringe and sequins.


I think the Kansas flu was followed by a period of growth and investment in job creation, increased rights for women, and freedom from imperialism growing around the world.

The period after Covid is characterised by greedflation and investment in technologies to render workers unemployed, women’s and other people’s rights being curtailed, and imperialist invasion.

Not looking good for ‘24.


That’s neat! Genuine film footage from that period is really rare. I wish they’d ripped it at the correct frame rate for the period camera though, so things aren’t artificially sped up. It’s an easy thing to fix nowadays. Not sure why it’s still allowed to happen.

That’s very professionally edited and shot. I wouldn’t be too sure it wasn’t staged.

It is deliberately cinematic, yah. I assumed it was a film someone made at the time (budding filmmakers made a lot of little test reels like that back then), but you may be right, it may simply be fake.

I’m not sure staged is quite the same as fake. A lot of “documentary” footage is staged for the cameras.

I would be really surprised if this was some randomer coming in off the street to document the party. Among the reasons being this is evidence they broke the law!

Yah I doubt it’s that also. If for no other reason than carrying a film camera around in 1920 is not exactly a low key affair. Most people would never have seen one, and they were big and loud. You’d be getting a whole lot more attention than that. I suspect it could be a promotional reel for the club or something? Shooting candidly would be pretty much impossible because everyone would be looking at you.

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Ah yes. Reminds me of reading some English parliamentary investigation about the spread of lewd films.

“Do you exhibit those sorts of films, you know the sort I mean?”

“Oh no sir! Only to Gentlemen!”

I imagine there were film clubs which would show advertising reels for speakeasies.

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