Raw venison for breakfast?




…And I’m hungry like the wolf. (I hate that song, but couldn’t resist.)


Dare I ask for a unicorn chaser?


The unicorn is for lunch.


New Werner Herzog movie incoming in 3…2…1…


I thought venison steaks are usually best when rare? Although I have a feeling that he’s not doing this because he likes raw venison, but rather so that the wolves see him as part of their pack. He’s probably doing this to show dominance since the wolf in the background is looking on.


Wolf in the background is all like" Dude, you got all the skin off! How’d you do that?"


Why not?
Steak Tartare (some spell it Tatar) or Carpaccio are basically the same thing. Very tasty!

[http://] www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6QqSxmpRMM


Thumbs, ya dumb wolf! Hah!


Eating wild animal meat raw is a great way to pick up trichinosis - pretty much the only remaining way in the first world to get that disease.


Coming soon to your favourite supermarket beef lasagna?




Plus lax standards / lax execution of standards / lax control.
If the meat isn’t tested properly, farmed animals are a source too.
You can test game for Trichinella spiralis just as well as farmed meat. Basically you use a Microscope and look for the capsules that contain the larvae, aka the cysts. Slaughterhouses test for it by exposing samples to enzymes that dissolve the meat (digesting it) and check the sediment. (I think they check for the material the cysts consist of, but I’m nut sure about this.)
Recently a new form, Trichinella pseudospiralis has been discovered in wild pigs.

Trichinella spiralis is best adapted to swine, so it’s more likely to be found in pork and boar.
So I’d be wary of home-reared pigs not tested and not properly cooked.

Between 2002 and 2007, 11 cases were reported to CDC each year on average in the United States, these were mostly the result of eating undercooked game, bear meat, or home-reared pigs.

So considering the odds, I’d try it.


Three more kills and he gets mating rights with the alpha female!


Am I the only one who remembers the mouse diet in Never Cry Wolf?


Mmmm, parasites!


I feel compelled to relate that I’ve suffered far more gastric distress from eating restaurant meals, employee cafeteria “specials” and things doctors prescribed for me than I have ever experienced from eating raw red meat, which I’ve done occasionally since early childhood.

To head off the impending ruckus: I don’t claim or think that raw meat is “safe”, or that you can’t possibly get worms from eating it, or whatever other ludicrous things people will want to believe I just said.

Raw eggs can be good, too - especially in an Orange Julius. Now there’s a (partly) raw breakfast for you!


You, too, could end up with… The Worm Within.



Also: “Dude, are you gonna eat that?”

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