Razer laptops get hotter


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/07/razer-laptops-gets-hotter.html


They certainly are rather kick butt. Not without their flaws, but generally pretty solid. Although if thermals are a concern, I would probably go with an ASUS. They tend to have better thermals and they just announced their 17" gaming surface style device. It’s more of a portable desktop replacement, but some decent thermals. The Zephyrus lineup is also good for keeping the temperatures down. Plus on most of those, they have a toggle for the trackpad to be either a trackpad or a num pad, which I certainly appreciate.


I’m writing this on a 17" ASUS, I can’t imagine playing a game on a 13" screen. That’s tiny.


but will it blend @beschizza?


Hopefully it’s got a better keyboard than the MacBook—not that that would be difficult.


@brada most are. The Razer’s are decent, but keyboard warriors are better off with a Surface laptop or a Lenovo.


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