Re-imagined movie posters based on the same simple template




Pretty sure the Pulp fiction one is supposed to be a line of Cocaine.


Or heroin, in this case.


A line of coke and a compass pointing NNW?

Overall a really neat graphic design exercise.


Hey, she thought it was coke at the time…


I got ‘Return of the Jedi’ from the one that’s supposed to say ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.
And as far as I’m concerned that is Star Wars Part III.

What really worked for me was ‘Fargo’.


I thought the Pulp Fiction one could be the spine of a book…


For me NXNW is also evocative of the line drawing of Hitchcock’s silhouette.


It’s a milkshake straw.


Does it have anything to do with the gold watch?


I also thought a line of drugs, the spine of a book, or Mr. White.


These are brilliant. :slight_smile:


These are awesome. He should design flags for all 50 states.


How about a ‘Z’ for Pulp Fiction?


Z’s dead, Raybert.

Z’s dead.


Pulp fiction is a bright light shining up out of a briefcase.


I guess the problem with pulp fiction is it doesn’t have a single common element that unifies the whole movie, it jumps around too much. The glowing briefcase might count but you never get a solid idea what’s inside it.

Something related to a royale with cheese or ezekial 25:17 might have worked as I think those are the best remembered parts of the movie.


Well it does in fact have a common element… you just never see it.


The light from the briefcase is the radiation a McGuffin emits when exposed to the atmosphere.


Two or three would probably do it. :laughing: But yes. Way better.