Re-imagined movie posters based on the same simple template

I think that it’s the samurai sword that Butch picks up when he goes back down into the pawn shop.


I immediately thought of the needle jammed straight into her heart…


Doesn’t work in American English, sadly.

Unless I’ve completely missed the interpretation, he muffed Return of the Jedi bizarrely. Luke’s lightsaber blade is not putty-colored. Is there something else going on there?

I agree that Pulp Fiction is really hard to figure out, and Empire Strikes Back is kind of vague–is that supposed to be a hyperspace jump, or a barrage of fire, or…? But I don’t guess there’s much else that would’ve worked. You could kinda-sorta do a TIE fighter, but it’d look exactly the same as the 101 Dalmatians image.

Almost all of these are brilliant and startling, though. Well done.

So that explains “Repo Man”.

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The Lost Highway one at the end is just excellent.


If it is the spine of a book, then its thickness is exactly right for pulp.

NxNW is a plan view of a weather vane.

for me one of the moments i’ll never forget in pulp fiction is the moment the needle is rammed into Mia’s heart. so for me it clearly shows this needle…
the one thing i did not get was indiana jones…

Rolled-up bullwhip? (But I thought the title was simply Raiders of the Lost Ark - no mention of Dr Jones).

It is the boulder that hes running away from at the beginning of the movie. The little blur at the bottom right is Indy scampering out of the way

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I, too, welcome the thought of our heartily-needled overlords but I was thinking of that scene before I actually saw the render, so it may be confirmation bias.

Is there, I wonder, any significance to the totally red background?

This is right.

I think Pulp Fiction is the samurai sword scene -

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The “Every Thing You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask” image looks suspiciously like the Norse / Nazi “Lebensborn” rune.

Or the square. “You can get a steak here daddy-o don’t be a …”

Pulp Fiction is a tough one. A few possibilities:

This page ( says it’s the line of coke, but I’m not sure I believe it, the red background seems significant somehow.

It sort of works in American-Scots.
“Z’s Deed”

The Bonnie situation?

It’s a vadge, dude.