Return of the Jedi creature designer's LSD trip report

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I’m watching the vid now, but I had to click-thru to Vice: @pesco there’s a mix-up; the video embed posted here is for the austrailan woman with the apartment problem

I watched Star Wars last night again. The chessboard scene came on and I remembered how, as a kid in the theater, I was enthralled by that part especially and that I wanted to linger on it, that it was too short for something so neat.

Tippett had a very interesting career.


Same here (except on VHS, not in the theater).

In my old age now I appreciate when movies leave me wanting more like that, rather than giving me a nice long shot where I feel like the director is nudging me and saying “Check out this CGI! Pretty cool, eh? I paid for this, so let’s watch some more!” Like in some of the later installments of that same series.


yes, a very important line to tread. as a creator, it is so hard to axe something you’ve worked hard on, but drama thrives on this. the horror creature’s presence is implied, but not seen; it is shown in only in shadow until it strikes and then is gone. the vaudevillian maxim “always leave 'em wanting more” or the stand-up comic version “always end on a big laugh.” to do otherwise is, as you say, begging your audience for attention. Also, as you say, it takes maturity to begin to notice and feel insulted by it.



Calling this overview of Tippett’s career and creative/emotional process a trip report does him some injustice, I think. I’m a proponent of psychedelics, but it feels kind of cheap and reductionist to hang the story on that little hook.


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