Vintage Polish film and theater posters


Check, I guess they must be closer to the source as prices are much more sensible.

Awesome, thanks so much!!!

So, yesterday I find out my people had sausage guilds in the 13th century,

and now I see their awesome poster art. Is there anything they can’t do?

BTW, now I want to be a stage 3 Sausage Guild navigator. The Sausage must flow!


The Burritt Library where I work has an extensive collection of these posters that we digitized. Check out

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Fantastic! Thanks.

These are amazing. I was ignorant of the fantastic art the Poles brought to movie posters until a couple of years ago. Really distinctive stuff.

We have the Polish one-sheet for Johnny Got His Gun hanging in our house. At first I thought its striking design was just typical for the movie, and I wondered why my wife had a Polish version (Dalton Trumbo was her grandfather). And then I discovered the fact that the striking design was because of its Polishness!

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