Here are some of the best movie posters of 2016


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I’m really glad this is still a thing. I’ve had a few movie posters on my wall for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always been afraid that modern advertising and graphic design would doom the format. I’ve been pleasantly surprised otherwise, though :slight_smile:


I quite like The Handmaiden poster for the French market.


I’m with Andrea. I really like the one for High-Rise.

I also think the Suicide Squad poster looks like someone chewed a bunch of candy and then spit it out.


Okay, it’s for a movie coming out in 2017, but still…


My head just exploded.


Is that Saints Row the movie?


Kung-Fu Yoga, apparently. Jackie Chan’s new film.


I’d be in, just based on the title alone. But that poster… :heart_eyes:


You had a sedate playthrough then?


Errm… Actually, last time I played it, I ended up spending most of my time in the character customizing screens. :smiley:

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