Posters for famous movies made from their key props


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Hmmmm… okay I guess. I hope he enjoyed making them. But they don’t evoke the movie in any way. If they weren’t titled, you’d have no idea what movie they’re supposed to represent.


Seriously! How can Amelie have not one garden gnome?


I actually like all the movies represented here, but I don’t think the artist could’ve possibly picked a more twee group of movies.


It’s the epitome of hipster-ism: Select movies that appeal to a subset of the public, then make sure to focus on the subset of details that allow you to exclude the film buffs from those who “get it”. At the end, you still have a bunch of “ironic” crap to wear or display in your “Bohemian, but not really” studio located in the expensive part of town that just looks like it’s poor.


As evidenced by no less than three Wes Anderson films.


Anderson would have knolled things more competently


And no reference to Luncheon of the Boating Party.*

*…that I can see, because some glitch keeps refreshing his tumblr page every ten seconds.


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