How to make your own Wes Anderson movie trailer with AI (and why you shouldn't)

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It must have been kind of depressing for Wes Anderson to see all these generic unfunny parodies of his work. “Is that really what people think my movies are like?”

The only Wes Anderson parodies I saw that actually did a decent job capturing the quirky spirit of his movies were that X-Men one and the SNL horror movie trailer.


The joke is on them. Wes Anderson came up with his own ai generated Wes Anderson film and called it Asteroid City.


This is the perfect subject for a Patrick H. Willems’ video. :sunglasses: Patrick’s own X-Men is very well observed, so it is nice to be reminded of it.


By all means, use AI to create a mashup, just don’t force me to watch it. :wink:


I just watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and I have to say I loved it.

Now I have seen several Wes Anderson films, and prefer the two animated ones to most of his live action films. Not that I don’t like his films. They look great, and are character driven with usually an eclectic group of eccentric characters. But most of the time they are flawed and in a way that generally I didn’t find endearing. Like I wasn’t rooting for them.

Grand Budapest Hotel has me rooting for the two protagonists, especially Zero.

Also - I NEED that coat that William Dafoe wore.


It’s definitely not on this level of understanding what makes a Wes Anderson movie.


Here you go.


Seems surprisingly inexpensive.


I realized when these parody trailers were making the rounds a few weeks ago that I’ve never actually seen any Wes Anderson film. I’m not really sure why. Maybe I’ll check out Grand Budapest Hotel.


Yesterday’s episode of AfterParty was a Wes Anderson tribute/parody and I think it worked. Mostly because it was incredibly blatant (directly lifting shots from Rushmore, probably others) and because the point of it was not to try to be like Wes Anderson so much as presenting the story told by a very Wes Anderson-ish character through her viewpoint, which is Wes Anderson tinted.

Didn’t use AI though…

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They don’t tell you that once you buy one you are contractually required to throw a cat out a window


There’s an entire industry of cheap knockoff ‘movie replica’ clothing, sometimes even made with real (cheap) leather. There seems to be enormous amounts of it whenever you look for that sort of stuff - I wonder how much they actually sell?


OH man. That is neat. But - they don’t show it red lined. Does it at least have a pocket under the flap? And - uh - that seems too cheap for a full leather coat.

Too risky to try it…

It would make a great cold Weather Shadow coat, though!

I’d recommend it.

I recommend The Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs, both animated with wonderful stories.

If you like Grand Budapest, the two others I enjoyed, though not as much, are The Darjeeling Limited, which is a gorgeous tour of India. And The Royal Tanenbaums, which was my introduction and I liked it enough to get it on DVD.

From there you can decide if you like his style of wonderful color and cinematography with picturesque framed shots featuring eclectic, often rich people with a ton of human problems trying to connect/reconnect with the people around them. A search for meaning.

That reminds me haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom or The French Dispatch, both of which I should check out. As well as the new Asteroid City, though I have heard that one is lacking in story.


You will probably be pleased to learn they have more substance and humanity than these AI-generated parodies would have you believe.


Do you suppose it’s for cos-players? Durable enough for a costume, but not for daily use.

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I really enjoyed the visuals and production techniques in The Life Aquatic. That full-sized cutaway set of the ship was really neat, and you gotta love the bizarre stop-motion fish.


I assumed as much.

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My fav too.