Movie poster cleverly disguises two-star review


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So I should stick with the version with Spandau Ballet in it?

Wasn’t this meant to be the better of the two Kray films coming out? The other one has some review issues too:


That is one delightfully puckish publicity department. Four stars!

(…out of ten)


Also, the full quote from the Huffington Post Blog was

The stench from this travesty was unmissable even from the earliest teaser trailers. A British classic example of everything that can go wrong with a modern biopic.


You have to admit…that’s fairly awesome design.


Holy cow. Great catch. That’s even more dastardly and wonderful than the misrepresented stars!

Definition of chutzpah right there, folks.


That’s brilliant. They basically designed the entire poster around that two star review.


clever you.

No, not really.

While it is flawed, the biggest flaw being that it could be accused of being slightly overlong, Legend is hands down unmissable and every inch a British classic.

go on. Look it up


That’s what I suspected, but I was having trouble finding it at HuffPo. I think I got distracted by Kaley Cuoco’s Shape magazine cover.


Her shape is pretty distracting for us folks who are into the ladies.


Aside from that not being the quote, A British classic example of everything that can go wrong… doesn’t even make sense.


Go ahead, give my fake excerpt a two-star review. I’ll figure something out.


There is the fact that Sky Movies doesn’t even use stars…


A simple misunderstanding. The reviewer actually gave it a rating of “four assholes” but there was some confusion as to what the asterisks were supposed to represent.


@jerwin’s vaguely anglophobic rant on the new Kray Brothers movie:



That is some beautiful design! And FWIW, although I’m unaware of the Kray Bros., I thought Hardy was pretty awesome as Bronson:


Cat butt.


I suppose that the theme of this discussion is taking things out of context, so I really can’t complain, can I?

I’ve seen enough films on the seedy British underground, and I’ve been put off.


Heck, British film production is likely to increase the chances that I’ll watch it. Though by no means guaranteed, there’s a strong tendency for them to hire writers because they can write and actors because they can act.


I watched it earlier today and I enjoyed it. It’s a lot funnier than you might imagine and Tom Hardy deserves an oscar nom imo. I think it may prove to be a little educational for some Usians who seem to think London in the sixties was all Austin Powers too.